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Sig Manufacturing

Maker of the Erik Edgren T-Clips Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) Radio Controlled  (R/C) aircraft. 

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Catto Propeller

It allows me to get an amazing level of performance out of the C-85 engine in the aircraft. It climbs harder, accelerates and cruises faster, and runs cooler!  

Rotec Aerosport

Maker of the Rotec Throttle Body Injector which allows my engine to run flawlessly inverted.

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Sky Ox

When you’re looking for dependability in a portable aviation oxygen system, choose Sky Ox and breathe more easily!

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Softie Emergency Parachutes

Each Softie Emergency Parachute System comes with your choice of Conventional Harness or our exclusive Aerobatic Harness options to customize your Softie to your individual needs.

Knoxville Aviation

Piston and turbine aircraft maintenance, specializing in Robinson Helicopters and sprayer conversions.  I trust them with the T-Clips, you can trust them too.

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Erik Edgren Airshows

A Versatile Entertainer


A dedicated professional with a well established comedy and full aerobatics act — Erik Edgren Airshows is always the life of the party.  Erik Edgren Airshows has received accolades from both airshow event organizers and professional pilots alike. 

  • Comedy act
  • Aerobatics routine
  • Both

A Proven Track Record


Maybe you are looking for a wandering comedian for your next airshow. Or maybe you are looking for an impressive aerobatics act utilizing top-notch energy management. Erik Edgren Airshows's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and experience to your event.

Airshow Professional


Erik is qualified by holding the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) ACE program's surface level Statement of Aerobatic Competency  (a.k.a. The SAC Card) demonstrates that Erik has been performing safely and consistently for many years to earn this level of qualification. His safety conscious and experience are welcome at airshows all over the midwest.

About Erik

Erik Edgren a.k.a. Hobie Washburn

Erik is personable to the public, engaging to the media and a rare, polished, stick and rudder pilot

A natural airshow performer, personable to the public, engaging to the media and a rare, polished, stick and rudder pilot. 

Erik has carved out a unique niche with his fresh take on the Comedy Routine....He is the only performer who actually flies part of his comedy routine INVERTED! He also offers an aerobatics-only option featuring full on, inside outside, energy management aerobatics. You will be amazed at what a C-85 powered airplane can do in Erik's hands! Comedy/Aerobatics or Aerobatics- Erik Edgren Airshows has the flexibility to be the right act for your show every time.
A natural airshow performer  -  Erik is personable to the public, engaging to the media and a rare, polished, stick and rudder pilot. 

A lifelong pilot


Erik can't remember his first airplane ride because he wasn't even born yet!

He Began "training" at the the age of 6. He sat on his father’s lap and flew on instruments. Erik was ready for solo at the age of 8 thru the use of a tailor-made seat and control extensions. At age 10, he learned spins, which sparked his lifelong passion for aerobatics. 
Erik has worked as a Flight Instructor, an Instructor/Pilot for an air combat school in the AT-6/SNJ and as a Corporate Pilot in Lear Jets, Kings Airs, etc. He has flown over 150 different makes and models of aircraft. A farmer by trade, Erik takes to the air as naturally as he plants his fields. A modest but gifted pilot, Erik is thrilled to be living his dream flying a one of a kind comedy/aerobatic act in the “T-Clips.”

A Very Special Airplane


The “T-Clips” was originally built by Taylorcraft in 1939. It was “Clipped” for aerobatics in 1997 by Steve Givens using a mix of both the Swick and Legendary Duane Cole plans. It may be the only Clip T performing in airshows today with the “old school” Continental C-85.

Erik has further modified the T-Clips  with additional features such as inverted oil, and airshow smoke systems making it an optimal and unique “up close and personal”, crowd-pleasing airshow machine. 

He enhanced the capabilities of his inverted fuel with a Rotec Throttle Body Injector which allows the engine to run flawlessly inverted. By adding the Catto propeller it made an amazing difference in his performance, it climbs harder, accelerates and cruises faster, plus, it remarkably runs cooler!  

Hobie Washburn in Action

Check out Hobie Washburn's talent as he works the crowd. A dedicated professional who makes every event fun and entertaining, also puts on a great full-on aerobatics show!

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