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About Us

Twisin' It Old School!

Erik may be flying the only Clip T performing in airshows today with the "old school" Continental C-85. 

  • The "T Clips" was originally built by Taylorcraft in 1939. It was 'clipped' for aerobatics in 1997 by Steve Givens using a mix of both the Swick and Legendary Duane Cole plans. Erik has further modified theT-Clips with inverted fuel and oil, airshow smoke systems and Catto propeller, making it the optimal "up close and personal," crowd-pleasing airshow machine. 

Who is Erik?

  • Erik began flight training at the age of 6 with his father. At age 8 he was ready to solo with a tailor-made seat and control extensions. At age 10 he learned spins which sparked his life-long passion for aerobatics. Erik has worked as a Flight Instructor/Pilot for an air combat school in the AT-6/SNJ. He has also flown corporate jobs in Lear Jets, King Airs, etc. In fact, he has now flown over 150 different makes and models of aircraft. A farmer by trade, Erik takes to the skies as naturally as he plants in the fields. Erik is thrilled to be living the dream and flying a one of a kind comedy/aerobatic act in the "T-Clips." 

Airshow Event Bookings

  • Erik available to fly airshows throughout much of the midwest, and he has some of the most reasonable rates in the industry for someone with his talent and level of experience!
  • Slots are limited so contact Erik to book for your airshow event today!

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