Erik Edgren Airshows

Twistin' it Old School!

Erik Edgren A.K.A. Hobie Washburn, is a natural airshow performer - personable to the public, engaging to the media and a rare, polished stick and rudder pilot. His family-friendly comedy and finesse aerobatics act make him a unique change of pace and an entertaining addition to any show.

Erik has carved out a unique niche with his fresh take on the Comedy Routine....He is the only performer who actually flies part of his comedy routine INVERTED! He also offers an aerobatics-only option featuring full on, inside outside, energy management aerobatics. You will be amazed at what a C-85 powered airplane can do in Erik's hands! Comedy/Aerobatics or Aerobatics- Only, Erik Edgren Airshows has the flexibility to make his act the right act for your show every time.

Don't forget to check out Erik's videos on YouTube and "Like" Erik's facebook page.  
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~ Due to popular request, in addition to our Comedy / Aerobatic Act, we also offer an Aerobatic Only show option! 

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